Snap. Crackle. Pop: Keeping Your Horse Safe This Fourth of July

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Those are the sounds that we as people are aware of during this time of year, but how do we prepare our horses and other animals for the fireworks, parades and other added stress that we can’t explain to them?

Here at we want to provide you with an array of tips to get your and your horse though this long celebratory weekend.

First off is a great article from who has provide several different ways to prepare your horse and yourself for being a parade participant and firework fun!

4446687489_88da0ee537_o – Article

Our second set of tips comes from They provide lots of information about what to do and what to watch for if your horse is stabled in a barn. They talk about the best ways to protect him/her and yourself and also give tips on planning for next year.

rvr-4th-of-july-2012_6302_edited-11 – Horse and Fireworks

Our last but not least favorite advice is from Dr. Joyce Harman from Equus The Horse Owners Resource Magazine.

Dr. Joyce Harman gives step by step instructions and advice of different remedies that might help your horses fear of loud noises, calming them in stressful situations and how to make your celebration a little more peaceful.

Equus Magazine – Fear of Fireworks

From everyone at we hope you all have a great (stress free!) peaceful Fourth of July Celebration!



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