Thank you Mom & Dad

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for giving up your weekends to take my sister and I to horse shows. Driving long hours that start before the sun is up and end when the sun is down. Using your vacation for week long horse shows and working overtime to make up those work assignments you missed.

Thank you for always being there for the vet when my horse coliced, was injured, or got a fox tail in his eye. Driving that giant horse trailer that took me severals “test-drives” without horses to master. For mucking stalls and loading hay bails in the truck or trailer at home and at shows when my school work was too much.

Thank you for never missing an entry form deadline. Helping me find the most extravagant to the most classic horse show attire. Loading and unloading the horse trailer with my saddles, bridles, wash bucket, groom bucket, supplements, wheelbarrow and the million other items my horse and I couldn’t live without at a show.

But most of all thank you for putting my needs before your own. Supporting me financially and emotionally in the horse world. Always giving me pep talks when I needed them most.  Thank you for teaching me how to be graceful while being competitive, and to always keep my head up when things in the show pen didn’t go as planned.

Thank you for everything.




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