Gift Ideas You Need To Know For Equestrians & Western Lovers – Part One

Ever feel like every year it gets harder and harder to shop for the people you love? I sure do. Especially when it seams like the person you are shopping for already has everything they could possibly want. So what do I do?

I look for a product that is made well and of course affordable because lets face it I have lots of people to shop for and need to be able to spread out my budget.

Here I have complied a list products, for men and women, that are personally some of my favorites to give.


Yes, handbags are a typical gift for any women, but these handbags are created with great western details, conchos and all American West handbags come with a Lifetime Guarantee. I personally prefer crossbody handbags because I always need my hands free at horse events while keeping everything organized and easy to grab.


Each one of these handbags have unique designs and different qualities to show your cowgirl, equestrian or handbag lover you know her best.


These gorgeous leather wallets are hand tooled, in several different styles and sizes, tri-folds, bi-folds, checkbook and money clip. Every year I get my son and husband a new wallet, its pretty much a necessity for them since their wallet gets well used. Its a nice small gift with details that show the man in your life how much you know his style.



When I was little I was not fond of getting horse tack as a Christmas gift, but now that I am older it makes me happy. I always need a new set of leather reins, polo wraps, bell boots, practice pads or more. Each one of these items gets used regularly and falls apart, gets old, sweating and sometimes gross. So why not give the equestrian on your gift list something they really need, but make sure its a piece of equipment they will actually use. I have broken down horse tack items into to categories, one is products I believe all equestrians can utilize, two is specific items that you might want to double check before gifting.


My favorites are Sleazy Sleepwear stretch hoods, sleazies and more. I use Sleazy Sleepwear products to keep my horse clean at horse shows, or warm at home. They can also be used to dress your horse up in a DIY Halloween costume or protect their shoulder and tame crazy manes. Polo wraps provide protection and support while your horse is turned out or ridden.



The following horse tack and accessories need to be double checked before purchasing because riders use specific reins based on their style of equine event. Horse riders are also particular about their saddle pads because of an equine back support.


I complied this list to help give you ideas that break away from the typical horse object knick knacks that most people purchase. These gifts are well thought out, and well made. The gift receiver will be thrilled to see how much time you spent in choosing the perfect gift.


*All products can be purchased at

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